Gaucamole with Hawaiian pepper water

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Welcome to a tropical twist on the classic guacamole! In this unique recipe, we’ll be infusing the creamy goodness of avocados with the intricate flavours of our Hawaiian pepper water, creating a guacamole that will awaken your taste buds in delightful new ways. The spiciness of the pepper water, combined with the freshness of diced vegetables and zesty lime juice, takes this guacamole to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Our Hawaiian Pepper water is Chilli vinegar seasoning is a delicate blend of water, vinegar, Chillies, garlic, tamarind,  black and white pepper and lemon juice. Its exquisite flavour enhances the flavour of smashed avocados but where it really shines is in guacamole. It really takes it to a new dimension!

To complement the bold flavours of our Hawaiian Pepper Water Guacamole, we’ve prepared an assortment of colourful vegetable dippers. Crisp carrot sticks, vibrant bell pepper strips, and tender cauliflower florets will add a delightful crunch and provide the perfect vehicle for savouring this enticing dip.

Whether you’re planning a casual get-together with friends, a summer picnic by the beach, or just craving a refreshing snack, this guacamole recipe will undoubtedly impress and leave everyone wanting more.  Creamy, savoury and absolutely morish!

So, let’s dive in and discover how the fusion of Hawaiian spice and creamy avocados can create a sensational taste experience like no other. Get ready to elevate your guacamole game and embark on a culinary journey filled with flavour and excitement!

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Chicken & Hawaiian Pepper Water

A new taste explosion

We’re super excited to bring you a unique condiment crafted just for the UK taste buds. Our Hawaiian Pepper Water Chilli Seasoning takes the classic Hawaiian flavour and turns it into something even more amazing. Get ready for a mouthwatering blend of flavours that’ll make you crave more!

In Hawaii, this stuff is a staple on every table, replacing salt as the go-to seasoning. Our Chilli Seasoning combines ginger, garlic, mild chillies, salt, vinegar, tamarind paste, and lemon juice to create a condiment bursting with flavour. We’ve carefully selected each ingredient to strike the perfect balance between taste and heat, making it the perfect addition to your culinary creations.

While this seasoning can jazz up all sorts of dishes, it truly shines when paired with foods that soak up its unique flavours. From creamy mashed potatoes to fried fish and chips and refreshing salads, the possibilities are endless. But let me tell you, it’s absolute heaven when you use it to take your fried chicken to the next level.

To help you make the perfect fried chicken, we’ve put together a recipe that includes our Hawaiian Pepper Water Chilli Seasoning.  Just follow these simple instructions and get ready for a taste explosion. Succulent crispy golden brown chicken with notes of ginger garlic, chillies and tamarind.  It’s so easy to make, but when you serve it with our Hawaiian pepper water, you’ll have everyone begging for more. Enjoy!

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