Nutritional disclaimer

Neither the directors  nor any of the authors contributing to posts on  this site are nutritionists or dieticians. Any information provided on the nutritional values of any recipes or ingredients are given  purely as a convenience to our readers. This information is calculated using online nutritional calculators like Explore Food, a British Nutrition Foundation website.  Variances in  values that may be found when using other online nutritional calculators are ascribed to the differing sources  of  nutrition fact  information and data bases used by these sites.

Any information that is provided in relation to allergies like gluten intolerance is provided on the basis on my own knowledge and experience. I however make no warranties as to the suitability of these recipes for personal intolerances as I am  unable to control the individual circumstances under which the ingredients are purchased or the  way in which the food is prepared

The use of recipes and information provided is entirely at your own risk

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