Artisan Chilli sauces

A selection of handmade artisan Chilli sauces from expert producers from the UK and other parts of the world. Whatever your taste in Chilli sauces you are sure to find something in this store that will meet your every need. From the very mild to super hot Chilli sauces for uses as diverse as hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ and even seafood like oysters

Adore Chillies Chipotle sauce  (110 ml)
Italian Stallion + Superhot  bundle deal ( 110 ml)
Prices Spices Superhot Chilli sauce bundle (110 ml)
Weymouth 51 Allotment Special (220 ml)
Prices Spices Junior Sensation  (110ml)
Weymouth 51 The Scotch Chilli sauce (220 ml)
Dr Trouble Lemon Chilli sauce  (125 ml)
Prices Spices Phoenix Rising Chilli sauce
Weymouth 51 Rockfish Oyster Drizzle (220 ml)
Adore Chillies Lemon Piri-Piri sauce  ( 110 ml)
Weymouth 51 Lemon Drizzle (220 ml)
Dr Trouble Double Smoked Chilli sauce (125 ml)
Weymouth 51 Smoked Carolina 70 (220 ml)
Prices Spices Haitian Hottie (110 ml)
Weymouth 51 Peach Habanero (220 ml)
 Haitian Sensation Chilli sauce (110 ml)
Weymouth 51 Chocolate Orange (220 ml)
Phoenix Rising Chilli sauce  bundle deal (110 ml)
Adore Chillies Mango and Scotch bonnet  (110 ml)
Dr Trouble Double Trouble bundle deal (125 ml)
Weymouth 51 Scorpion on the beach (220 ml)
 Italian Stallion bundle deal  (110 ml)
Weymouth 51 Blend  Chilli sauce (220 ml)
Prices Spices Italian Stallion ( 110ml)
Weymouth 51 Dorset Naga Chili sauce (220 ml)
Haitian Hottie bundle deal (110ml)
El Salivate Ador bundle deal  (110 ml)
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