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Are you ready to ignite your taste buds with a burst of flavour? We're excited to introduce a thrilling promotion that combines Adore Chilli Sauces and Hawaiian Pepper Water.

For a limited time, get a 15% discount on your purchase when you spend £25 or more on Adore Chilli Sauces and Hawaiian Pepper Water. Ignite your taste buds with this fantastic combination of chilli heat and refreshing tang while enjoying great savings!  Any combination of Adore sauces or Hawaiian pepper water in single bottles  or bundles over the £25.00 minimum spend qualifies for the discount. Use discount code Adorehpw25


Adore Chilli sauces

Hawaiian Pepper Water

Terms and conditions

  1. Discount only applies to Adore Chilli sauces and Hawaiian pepper water . All other products are specifically excluded.
  2.  You can only use one Discount Voucher for each product order.
  3.  You can't use a Discount Voucher with other sales discounts or promotions unless the specific rules for the discount code say you can.
  4.  Normally, you can use Discount Vouchers for just one order.
  5.  The Discount Voucher will expire on the date mentioned in its terms. You can't use it after that date. We'll let you know on our website if it's no longer valid due to availability.
  6.  Discount Vouchers don't have any real money value.
  7.  When you use a Discount Voucher to place an order, our regular sale rules and website terms also apply.
  8.  We can change or stop the Discount Voucher program whenever we want.

Our Right to Change These Rules

  1.  We can update these rules from time to time to keep up with changes in our business, technology, payment methods, laws, and our website's features.
  2.  The rules in place when you use your Discount Voucher will be what counts. If the law or a government makes us change the rules, those changes will also apply to orders you placed before.

Laws and Where Disputes Get Solved

These rules are based on English law. If there's a problem or dispute about these rules, it'll be decided by the courts in England and Wales.

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